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Miniature Vibrator

Conveyors for Assembly and Packaging

We manufacture and supply all types of conveyors for assembly and packaging, which are suitable to clients’ wide requirements such as assembly of light engineering items, packing of pharmaceutical products, hardware, electronic goods etc. Our exclusive range of conveyors includes belt conveyors, gravity roller conveyors, powered roller conveyors, metal slat conveyors, chain conveyors, vibrating conveyors, screw conveyors, etc. The company has designed special conveyors like slat conveyors for two wheeler industries, which are available at market leading prices. 


    • Belt Conveyors: Assembly or sub-assembly of automobile accessories, lamps caps, dry cells, electronic items, consumer durables, packed toffees, cartons, etc


    • Packing Conveyors: Packing of pharmaceutical items in bottles or strips


    • Metal Slat Conveyors: Assembly of two wheelers in stages such as mopeds, scooters, cycles, etc and transfer of wooden cases, jigs, fixtures and heavy items


    • Vibrating Conveyor: Short length transfer of components, generally for small parts, powders at regulated rate


    • Screw Conveyor: Handling of swarf in machine tools, powder feeding etc.


  • Delrin/Nylon Slat: Specially designed for horizontal bends


It consists of elements such as drive system, fabricated structure, conveying media, tensioning arrangement. These elements are designed and arranged to give movement to the components or goods kept over the conveyor.

Special Features

    • Fitted with PVC coated food quality belt


    • Side tables 12” wide topped with laminated sheet


    • End table on one side for accumulation of packed cartons


    • Special quick clean away arrangement for easy slackening of belt, deck cleaning


    • Clear legroom for easy washing of floor


    • Fabricated from pressed sections and square pipe legs for elegant appearance


  • Idle rollers are also fitted sealed to life ball bearings



Stepped pulleys, variable ‘V’ belt drive, DC drive, mechanical speed variator can be offered as optional.


Stepped pulleys, variable ‘V’ belt drive, DC drive, delrin slat chains, and stainless steel slat chain, etc offered as optional.

Side Tables: 

Laminated top 12” wide table with 12” end table is standard for pharmaceutical conveyor. 


Motor starter is standard for AC motor applications; and additional push buttons for 2 position controls, emergency offs, control panels are optional for specific requirements.