Elevator Hopper Feeder

Bharath Engineering Works has pioneered in the manufacturing and supplying of superior quality Elevator hopper feeder in India. This unit combines large storage capacity with the ability to feed and orient components/material discharging them well above the shop floor level.
Our wide range of Elevator hopper feeders are finely developed and finished by the experienced engineers and other professionals catering to requirements of our clients. They have industrial acumen, which enable them to design and develop the products as per the market trends and internationals standards. 

  • Components feeding with orientation to single/multi spindle automats, assembly machines
  • Convenient discharging of components to bowl feeder kept at height
  • Loading of components to hoppers before automatic weighing or counting systems in packing line
  • Loading of components at regulated rate of shaker hearth furnaces

  • It consists of boot/hopper to accommodate large volume of components
  • The elevating media fitted with appropriately designed cleats picks up components, while passing through the hooper
  • Delivery of components can be overhead or side delivery
  • The drive is by 3-phase AC induction motor with speed reducer
  • Electrical includes motor starter
  • Elevator Hopper Feeder with Fixed Hopper
  • Elevator Hopper Feeder with Mobile Hopper

These models are available with detachable hoppers, which enables collection of component in the hopper from the earlier operation/machine and avoids transfer of components to the hopper, resulting in reduced manual work and damage to components due to handling. The mobile hoppers are stalk able using forklift truck. Standardizing of mobile hopper in shop floor as handling containers as well as boot of elevator results in overall effectiveness of shop floor handling systems.
  • Auto on/off control panel offered to work elevator motor on auto cycle. Based on magazine full indication the motor is switched off and re-started after a pre-set adjustable time 0-3 minutes
  • Elevator feeder with side delivery, which is generally used to feed components (with cylindrical in shape) complete with orientation for further processing
  • Variable speed drive either by DC motor or mechanical speed variator are offered to regulate the feed rate, while using different sizes of components in the same feeder